Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer vacation

We were away for the first two weeks of July. We've been going to the same camp in Maine for 15 years now and still loving each and every minute of it. We've perfected the fine art of doing nothing. And that's the truth. There is the entire state of Maine at our beck and call...and we don't go anywhere!! But if you take a look at these photos you'll see why.

The dewy pix were taken from the porch of our cottage. That's right, right on the rocks on the water. The two other pix are taken from the rocks at the water's edge. The place is heaven on earth for the time we're there. We get breakfast and dinner cooked for us in the farmhouse, eating family style for these two meals.

I may not have gone anywhere for two weeks but I DID knit. Of course, no pictures to back that up, but I did! My Sockapalooza socks are about 3 inches from completion (tick...tick...) and I hope to get those done this weekend and then soaked and blocked. Also spent a LOT of time on Mystery Stole 3! I'm really enjoying it and will post a photo soon. I'm only on clue 3 but hey, it's not a contest.