Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A baby quilt for a future someone

I've told you about the wedding quilt I'm making for my daughter and they've been married since October it's not finished yet. Well, so as NOT to be in that same situation when they have a baby (don't get baby is planned for a couple of years) I decided to be proactive and make the quilt now! Actually I finished it last summer. It's made with 1930's reproduction fabrics, and the pattern is "My Aunt Gracie's Quilt" from Calico Cat Patterns & Designs. (middle of the page)

This is the front of the quilt showing the border and binding.

Closeup showinhg the quilting in the white blocks. Each large block has an animal in it: elephant, butterfly, rabbit, squirrel, cat, etc. There are three repeats of each animal.

This shows you the back of the quilt. I just LOVE this fabric.

The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted. I still need to put a label on it but I think I'll wait until there's a baby on the way!


The Home Cook said...

I absolutely love this quilt and can't wait to have someone to use it. I love all the fabrics you chose, the animal cutouts, the colors, everything. And I'm really glad it's already finished so my son/daughter (hopefully daughter!) can use it as soon as they're born. :)

Jess Poskozim said...

I love the repro fabric. The entire quilt is gorgeous, that will be one lucky baby.

Terri said...

Beautiful quilt. It's an art that I've never had the patience for. Well, the fact that I can't sew a lick probably contributes a lot to that. I found you through the Sockapalooza Pligg from a progress post one of the other knitters is doing. Your sox are looking great, too!

carrie said...

I love that quilt! I have a great weakness for 1930's fabrics. It is beautiful, and the baby will be so lucky.