Sunday, August 5, 2007

And I say to myself...what a wonderful world!

Friends, it truly is a wonderful world...for so many reasons. #1: I am alive, healthy, with a good job, a roof over my head, food on the table, and with the love of family and friends in abundance. What more do I need? Truly, nothing, but on Friday I was the recipient of two boxes of wonderful things!!

My wonderful sockpal sent me the most incredible Sockapalooza box. Here, take a look:

What's in that box, you're asking? Well, first are these gorgeous socks! The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in colorway "Flames." An apt name for this colorway if ever there was one. The pattern is Lava Sock from the Sock Bug website. Perfect in every way. Thanks so much, Socks 4 U (the nom-de-knit of my pal).

But what ELSE is in the box???Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate!! All from See's Candy Shops. There is a lovely bag of dark chocolate foil balls (still intact but the day is still young!!), a dark chocolate bar with almonds (yum), and a box of assorted chocolate delights. Oh, so delicious!!

And what else is in the box? The cutest notecards in three colorways with a ball of yarn and needles on each (no picture just yet); a sweater key ring (picture coming soon), and a knitting quickie cutter (picture....) Socks 4 U, if I have overlooked anything please forgive me. I'm totally blown away with your generosity.

That was the first box I opened on Friday. What about the second one? Well, if you read Gathering Wool you know that she had a party recently and Alotta.Knittin was the lucky person selected by the totally impartial Jack the Cat! So get a load of what was in the package:

The most beautiful Cherry Tree Hill yarn, colorway Champlain Sunset. Can't wait to get my needles into that stuff!! Green Mountain Coffee: Vermont Country Blend and FT Raspberry Rhapsody. I can almost smell the coffee brewing as I type! A jar of maple butter...which my husband coveted just as soon as I showed it to him. I have a funny feeling I may not get even a taste of it!! Two of the cutest stitch markers that will come in handy with the Cherry Tree Hill yarn, and Vermont postcards. Gathering Wool, you are the greatest!!!!

My downstream sockpal's package is on the way and should reach her on Monday or Tuesday. I'll post pictures after I'm sure she's received the box. I hope she likes the socks!!

And last but not least, although I think I am the absolutely LAST person in the world to make Monkey socks, here they are.

Colorway? Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, colorway Donna's Favorite.

I've made some progress since this photo was taken. I'm turning the heel and am trying a new heel with only limited success to date. I have confidence that I'll work through my problems.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you love your goodies! I had fun making the socks for you (and shopping too!).

Dusa said...

Add me to the "Glad you love your goodies" bandwagon. I don't know if I mentioned in my note, but I live on Lake Champlain, hence that colorway. And I'm glad you got chocolate - it was so dang hot here this past week, I was afraid if I put some in the box, it would melt all over the yarn! Ack!

amanda j said...

Wow! What lovely spoils!

Laurie said...

You were ROYALLY spoiled with all of those goodies. Good for you!

I have not jumped on the Monkey Wagon. It takes me about a year before I tag along.

See's Candy! Yummmmmm.

Jofrog said...

Oooh, great packages. I love your socks!

I haven't knit Monkeys yet, but I think I'm working up some plans to. I have the yarn I want to use and I was just gifted some fabulous needles... it only seems right!

The Home Cook said... really made out like a bandit with not one but TWO amazing packages of goodies. You yarn/sock folks sure are generous. If only use foodies could send stuff to each other as easily...darn perishables!

Sounds like you're in better spirits. Love you!

Friend #1 said...

Why haven't you blogged in September???