Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friendship quilts together at last

In a previous post I wrote about the Friendship quilt my friends and I are making. Friend #1's quilt is finished and proudly hanging on her wall. Friend #2 and I are still quilting....but it's such a joy because we're doing Bishop's Fan.

We gathered yesterday for a day of quilting (and a brief trip to #1's LYS). It was a glorious day. Friends, yarn, catching up, beautiful weather, lunch alfresco (and a delicious lunch it was!!), and of course, quilting. And here are, without futher ado, the Friendship quilts.

Friendship quilt #1

Friendship quilt #2 with Jules, the cat. Jules adores #2 and never misses a chance to curl up in one of her quilts. This shot also shows the gorgeous backing of #2's quilt.

Alotta's Friendship quilt

These photos don't really do justice to any of these quilts. Remember, each quilt has identical blocks, with the exception of one that is unique to each quilt. We each chose a different lattice, and #1 and I chose to use setting squares while #2 did not. Each is beautiful; I love all of them. And each is so different, thanks to the lattice, I think. We were going to set up all three quilts on a frame outside yesterday but the day got away from us. Hopefully you can get an idea of their beauty (if I DO say so myself :-) ) from these photos.


Emily said...

I love those quilts! Very nice!
Thanks for the comment by the way. The white sweater pattern isn't written yet. I'll post whenever I get around to it!(Its next in my queue though)

ann said...

what gorgeous quilts!