Sunday, May 13, 2007

A swatching we will go...and the orange blanket...but not in this order!

In an earlier post I mentioned the orange baby blanket I learned to knit on (bad grammar, sorry). Well, here it is in all it's glory. This thing has been through a lot! Went to college with me as a little something to keep me warm, went to preschool with my daughter as something to keep HER warm, and now it lives in my office to once again keep me warm. I wonder if I'll pass it on to my eventual grandchild to keep her/him warm too!! It will probably be the only day-glo baby blanket at preschool!

I never realized how difficult it is to photograph yarn! Well, here is my sockpal yarn balled (not the best ball I've ever wound but it was late at night....) and a swatch for gauge. I adore these dp needles: Lantern Moon #1. This is the first time I've ever knit on something so tiny. What do you think about the colors. My sockpal said she likes saturated colors. The yarn knits up beautifully and I can't wait to finally decide on my pattern and to REALLY get going on the socks.


Yarn Addict said...

That sock yarn is gorgeous! I love the colors. Have fun choosing a pattern!

The Home Cook said...

Did I know that baby blanket went with me to preschool? I don't remember it at all. If you're willing to part with it, I'm sure my future baby would love using it, too. :)

adrienne said...

I love the orange blanket! It's so bright and cheery. The sock yarn looks amazing - I love the colourway. What type is it?