Friday, May 11, 2007

Going in circles...which yarn to pick for my sockpal?

I thought I was home-free. Ordered some beautiful yarn on etsy from SeeJayneKnitYarns. It's beautiful, I love the feel of it, but now I'm worried that my sockpal won't like it. And then there's the matter of a pattern. I've looked through books, put half a forest of sticky posts on innumerable pages, and found what I thought was the perfect lacey pattern...but it's written for a child! Now, I'm a knitter from way back, but I've only made one pair of socks to date. What do *I* know about translating a child's sock pattern into an adult's??? I ask you!!! And then what about the guage?? Am I making too much out of this? Am I obsessing?? Can I even SPELL today?? What to do? What to do?


Robyn said...

Don'r know what to tell you about the pattern- but those colors are great!

Jamie said...

I suggest you take a step back, do some other fun knitting, have a glass of wine, watch a good movie, and then look at your Sockapalooza sock with fresh eyes.

P.S. I do love the yarn!

Shari said...

What is the pattern? Some of Nancy Bush's patterns are called children's patterns but are actually sized for adults. Just thought I would mention that. I think there are some websites that could help you resize the pattern.

Good Luck!

Liz said...

It's not actually all that difficult to translate a sock pattern for a different size. I'm between jobs right now, so I'd be happy to help you out with it if you like. :) Basically, figure out what your gauge is, and then figure out how many stitches you'd want for an adult sock vs. how many stitches the pattern is written for. Depending on the yarn (fine? a bit thicker?), the stitch pattern (lots of ease? Very little ease?), and the needles I'm using (0s? 1s? 2s?), how tall I'm going to make the socks (anklets? mid-calf? knee-highs?), and the thickness of the legs/feet I'm knitting for, I usually cast on anywhere between 62-72 sts for an adult sock. For example, using Koigu on size 1 needles for a mid-calf-tall sock in a medium-stretchiness sock, I'd cast on about 64-68 sts, depending on the number of sts in the pattern repeat. e.g., If the repeated st pattern is 8 sts, I'd cast on 64 sts.

If you'd like more specifics and want to email me with the pattern for more help, I'd be happy to help out. :) My email's erdufylla at gmail dot come.