Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How many times can YOU change your mind?

Me, I guess I can change my mind about 50 times a day...when it comes to sock yarn!! And I did it again. Now I've ordered Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock in colorway Mt. Creek. Isn't it beautiful? Not that I don't love equally all the many colorways I've already bought, but I don't know...this one really spoke to me this morning.

And now I'm thinking about making Snowflake Lace Socks, Pattern available from Mag Knits, September 2006. Do you think the pattern and the wool are a good fit? I hope so.

Another pattern I was thinking about is Hedera by Cookie A. How is a girl supposed to decide when there are so many beautiful patterns out there?? This sock calls for Rowan soft. Does anyone know if I can substitute the Lorna's Lace Shepherd soft?


Elizabeth said...

I think the snowflake pattern is really pretty. And because it's a fairly small and simple repeat (unlike embossed leaves or pomatomos, say), I think the varigated yarn would look really nice.

I think it's hilarious that you switched to Lorna's Laces. It's addictive, no?

Frenchy said...

That yarn is beautiful! I love the snowflake pattern, but honestly don't have enough experience with lace socks to give good advice on whether it'd work with the yarn. But I definitely feel you on changing your mind - it took me many days to finally choose a yarn and pattern.

adrienne said...

The yarn is so pretty! I think you could substitute Lorna's Laces sock yarn for the Rowan 4-ply soft, but you could do a small swatch if you were worried.

amanda j said...

In Oz, we call all fingering weight 4-ply. Just check what needles they suggest and the vague tension ideas, and go from there. Trust your instincts!